Current Issue Volume 3

  Hanging Lake-Glenwood Canyon, Krysta Ryan Krysta Ryan is a student at Ashford University. She write:s "Hanging Lake is an amazing ecosystem located on the top of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. I visited this natural wonder and was able to document the trip with this great photo."


PAINTED TOWNS   Black inked shadows Mask the “once girl” A lilac flowered night,   two fairs clash. Laughter hits my drum Harmonizing, their Tea cups spin   past the pirate boat, over there. “Scared of kitchenware”, muttered the blackening sky. The wheel of fortune! over the crowds, we run and fly. Sheltered by a hat, Tagged as one town Weekend hot spring hideouts lost and found? Two young deer Smoke cotton candy bliss Hand-in-hand, glow   red, white, and blue. At the highest peak My angel flew A year older, no longer below our Ferris Wheel.     MERMAID Read More »


WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND   The nurse carried the newborn down the hall, a persistent white-haired man at her side. "That is my granddaughter. Let me hold her; I can give her to her mom". The nurse explained again that the child had to be given to her mother first. "She is just going to hand her to me." The conversation continued until the two entered the small hospital room where the new parents waited to meet their baby. The nurse placed the little girl in her mother's arms, she smiled and handed the baby to the aging man who Read More »


WE FISH   We smell the mossy breeze; it blows in like the leaves We see the water splashing, our feet digging in the sand We feel the cold tranquility; it slips through our fingers We sink the hook on the bobber, ready for the fish we’ll soon see We smell the bait on our hands, the stench of anchovies We hold the poles with waited breath; time goes so slowly We know that time is wasting, she will soon have to leave We smile at each other, our thoughts swirl like the breeze We must part in hours, our Read More »


AN AGE-OLD RIDDLE   What should I do with my life, I wonder. Is the answer anywhere on display? Tell me before from death I slip under.   This question echoes louder than thunder, Demanding to be heard without delay What should I do with my life, I wonder.   Am I here by some mistake or blunder, Just to grow elderly and fade away? Tell me before from death I slip under.   Could I save the world from all who plunder, Maybe I will only led them astray? What should I do with my life, I wonder.   Read More »