Contributors (in alphabetic order)


Ashley Kelley writes: “I currently live in Oklahoma where I work in finance. Although my day is filled with numbers, my one true love remains literature. I am majoring in English at Ashford University and hope to break into the publishing field.”

Sarah King  lives in Bristol, Tennessee where she works as an Assistant Operationals Manager. She is a full time student at Ashford University working on her Bachelors degree in Psychology with a long established passion for creative writing.

Morgan Massey is a skilled writer and editor with experience expanding small, start-up companies in marketing, design, administrative, and creative development. As an adaptable team player and creative problem solver, she is a proud chameleon. Past experiences as a dance instructor, choreographer, backstage assistant, coordinator, manager, and performer established an organized work ethic and creative energy. With the pursuit to gain more skills in both writing and dance industries, Morgan looks forward to her entrepreneurial goals in the future.

Jeannie O’shia writes: “I am currently enrolled here at Ashford University working to earn a BA in Educational Studies, a minor in Child Development, and a Minor in Writing. I enjoy writing and have recently discovered the love of writing poetry.”

Krysta Ryan is a student at Ashford University. She writes “Hanging Lake is an amazing ecosystem located on the top of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. I visited this natural wonder and was able to document the trip with this great photo.”



Susan Cane is an Ashford student.

Lise Dunham just completed a creative writing course at Ashford University.

Patricia Gross is a thirty-six-year-old mother of five. She is a double major in Education Studies and English.

Joy Marie has written poetry since she was eleven years old. She writes “I am now a grandmother. My writing has changed… but it remains a vital part of who I am. I am blessed to be able to share it with others.”



Valencia Benjamin is a student at Ashford University, where she majors in English and Psychology.

Tristin Bovee “writes with gusto” and lives in Michigan with her family. She will graduate from Ashford University this fall. She works from home designing VBA software.

Cynthia Bruni is one class away from graduating at Ashford University. She will finish her BA of Arts in journalism and communications with a minor in social and criminal justice.

Jenni Contreras is in her senior year at Ashford University obtaining her degree in business with a focus in Organizational Management. She received her Associate degree from the University of Phoenix. She is interested in seeing how ethical leadership run their organizations differently than non-ethical leaders and how that affects the employees and ultimately the consumer and the environment. On the side, she also has an interest in photography where she is fascinated with catching a moment in time, as well as catching the beauty that nature creates.

Amber Fries is a student at Ashford University.

Amber Gaudet is an emerging poet and aspiring editor/publisher.

Barbara Haycraft lives in Colorado. She will complete her bachelor’s degree this November and plans to pursue a master’s degree at Ashford University.

Dirk James lives in San Leandro, California.

Audie Perry is a mayor, licensed minister, certified notary public and a published author.



Rose Antonelli-Fatton  is an artist, writer, and musician who works with at-risk and special needs students, helping them to use art and music as therapeutic tools to improve behavior. She is currently enrolled in Ashford University Master’s in Teaching and Learning with Technology program with only two classes left, and then go forward for her PhD in education.

Nicolette Ashley is a junior majoring in Entrepreneurship. She enjoys being an advocate for individuals with disabilities, including her daughter Emily who is diagnosed with Autism. When NicoletteAshley is not busy with her family, work, or school she enjoys taking photos of the world around her.

Dannelle Castellano majored in English at Ashford University. She enjoys writing YA fiction and reading. Dannelle is currently pursuing a masters degree in Library Science and hopes to be a children’s and young adult librarian one day.

Nicholas Clarkson is someone who has always had a need to be creative and, in that state, finds the best feeling one can derive. In poetry you find yourself in another place looking for questions to answers that are as far out of reach as a shadow until you realize why. In search of realities that can only be painted by words and exist in as many variations as the multitude of those who read them. Growing up in Portage, MI, he had the opportunity to express myself in various ways have brought Nicholas to where he is today. Having the chance to work with great artists both musically and poetically, Nicholas hopes that one day he can pass on that creative passion for words and life to others.

Amy Derby lives near Chicago, Illinois, and is a journalism major at Ashford University.

Melissa Fisher is majoring in Cognitive Studies, and minoring in Anthropology.  She lives in a small house in a medium town in Wisconsin dreaming of the wide open spaces out west.  When she isn’t busy with school, she enjoys spending time with her 5 year old daughter Melody and her grandson Connor.  After 20 years as a hairdresser, she is excited to be venturing on this new chapter in her life.

Levitigus La Guardia is a natural born artist whose artistic abilities have gradually advanced over time naturally without any formal training. What inspires him are the weird and eccentric things in life, and he likes to incorporate that into his paintings. He grew up in a small mountain town called Toccoa, in North East Georgia. He recently graduated with his MOAM from Ashford University and plans to move back to New York City to explore a career in Healthcare Administration along with a career as an artist.

Teri Lyons has been creating short stories since elementary school. Since her family moved around the country, she found myriad subjects to incorporate into her tales. Teri is a Psychology Major at Ashford and hopes to help troubled youth discover creative outlets, such as art and creative writing.

Amy L. Martinez is a wife to an adoring husband, and a mother to three delightful children. She is currently residing in Oklahoma and working on her Bachelors in Human Resource Management.

Catherine Miller is in her last year at Ashford University, where she is majoring in English.  A voracious reader and a prolific writer since childhood, she has decided to abandon all reason and logic with the choice of writing as her vocation.

Michelle Pechlin-Flathmann earned her Bachelors degree in Health Care Administration with a Minor in Business Administration and a second Minor in Human Resource Management. She lives in South Carolina and loves photography.

Devon Stucki is a wife and mother of four.  She is a recent English graduate who believes this is just the beginning of her literary journey.

Latasha Triplett has always been a fan of writing. When she is not working or spending time with her family, she is spending time writing or enjoying jewelry making.



Ariel Aiken not only enjoys writing and working towards her degree, but is also is currently running a small farm in Northern Florida with her husband.

Tinnie Anderson

Amanda Bird is a high school English teacher currently enrolled in Ashford University’s Masters in Teaching and Learning with Technology program. When she is not teaching, studying, or writing poetry, she enjoys her time with her husband and two teenage sons.

Cassie Bolding majored in English at Ashford University.

Elizabeth Carney

Christopher Dalton is a man with a longstanding passion for storytelling and has been writing fiction since he was merely a boy growing up in the suburbs south of Boston, Massachusetts. Chris is an English Major at Ashford and wishes to teach future generations how to speak and write creatively, expressively, and with candor.

Petra Herceg…

Quiann James

Nancy Lane-Lefgren

Patricia Winbush