Spirits, Souls, and Auras are around us all of the time, with freedom of time, substance, light, and dark of the world.  We choose to see, sense, feel, hear, and acknowledge these entities or we do not.  I have learned that it is easier by far to acknowledge them.  The Spirits, Souls, and Auras come from the entire spectrum of light and dark.  When you see only darkness to the areas of life and death that you do not understand, it is like looking at the Death Card in a Tarot Deck.  The Death Card is often feared; the card means change, yet it causes fear and resistance.  Since it is perceived as a gateway to a devastating or painful new life, though, it is just as possible that it shall be as the light of the Phoenix; renewal (Fox, 2012).  Death, Spirits, Souls, and Auras, every aspect, come from an inherent sense.  Fey is part of my heritage and believing in the unknown is natural, freeing, sensitive, taking every idea, thought, whether mystical, set in stone, spiritual, or the blackest of all.  Life, Death, Spirits, Souls, and Auras go hand in hand, steps in the next turn of chance.  Open yourself up to spirits and you will know that spirits can be peaceful and not just dark.  Release people to Death so time and thy system has the will of the ages.  Spirits, Souls, and Auras have taught me that opening myself up to the unknown brings the freedom of time and substance, also the light and dark of the world.


Living with spirits is just commonplace.  When you are living with Spirits, Souls, and Auras feeling, seeing, sensing the determination, power, control of spirits to let their desires be known is natural.  It is enlightening to know that I have a bit of the Fey as my grandmother did; I am ecstatic to be like that special woman I knew as a very young child.  It took quite a while for me to feel, see, and sense Spirits, Souls, and Auras, I became comfortable as an adult when I was twenty-two years old.  I only started to sense the spirits instead of ignoring them since I was with my significant other, Don.  My significant other, Don, was visiting his family and left me home alone.  Don was renting a house owned by Bob Mylie, who was deceased, via his sister, until his son came of legal age to take over the house.  Bob did not like that I ignored him.  Bob suspected that I would try not to allow his son to have the house.  He appeared to me in, Don’s dog, Niko’s bed.  Naturally, I acknowledged him and said I know the house belongs to his son, no problem, and I went to sleep.  I described Bob to a friend of his who felt that I would have had to see a picture of him for the description.  I had seen no pictures of the man.  The night Bob showed himself completely to me was still peaceful.  Bob was making sure that his wishes were upheld.


I have been around Spirits, Souls, and Auras that have been from both sides of the spectrum, just like people are when they are alive.  Don and I went on our first trip as a couple to Big Lake, B.C, Canada to a cabin by the lake.  Even though the cabin was breathtakingly sensual with the lake just a hundred feet, I could not relax.  The cabin was surrounded by beautiful, strong, majestic trees and with a dock and some boats to go on the lake or to fish with not a person on the lake.  The cabin was a beautiful wood clapboard building.  It had an upstairs which was for a larger group of people visiting our friends and the lake.  I stayed out of the upstairs as it was where I saw the spirits that were full of hate, vengeful, rage, distrust, unloved, and just plain dangerous.   I saw the spirits in the cabin yet they were just dark energy, not recognizable.  I did not see them fully formed as I saw Bob Mylie or even the spirits that I see at the graveyard in Likely, B.C., Canada.  All I sensed in the cabin, the air, the walls, the space, the very essence, was the rage, terror, exasperation, and contempt spilling off the spirits.  I really could not handle the place.  I just have to open myself up to the energy that enables me to feel, sense the spirits, souls, and auras around me.  This in turn, lets me know what is around me whether safe and peaceful or dangerous.  I need to be open to the unknown.  The lake and cabin were beautiful yet it would have been nice if I was not as sensitive to the spirits.   We went to the town, of Likely, B.C., Canada and saw the graveyard by the Fraser River.  It was beautiful, the spirits full of peace and tranquility.  In Likely, they have an old settlement with the old jail and homes and different structures.  I believe the graveyard spirits came from this settlement.  The graveyard spirits freed me from the tension that the cabin’s spirits caused.



I believe to have peaceful Spirits, Souls, and Auras around, you have to learn like I did to release people before the time comes for peace, natural, and freeing.  Releasing loved ones and following through on a person’s wishes is extremely helpful in receiving a peaceful Spirit, Soul, and Aura if they decide to hang around to make sure that you are ok and that you are fulfilling their wishes. When my significant other, Don and I discussed Spirits, Souls, and Auras we also discussed the releasing of people when it was their time without thinking of missing the person or keeping them when they were only suffering for us to see them on the physical plane.  When Don became sick with cancer throughout most of his body, I angered him by putting him into the VAMC against his will.  I had his power of attorney (health care) which I used after having him sign his release papers from Highline Hospital.  I was able to use both to have the Fire Department order an ambulance to take him to the VAMC to take care of him.  He was too far along for me to help at home.  He went in with anger, rage, distrust, and abandonment feelings, but he slowly started to release some of these feelings.  I stayed with him at the hospital and later down in the hospice most of the time while he was in the hospital.  I could not stay all the time because there were times he did not have a single room.  I informed the doctors that we were just keeping him as free from pain as possible.  When he passed, I was with him, and I was happy that he no longer suffered.  I, of course, released him the day I found out that he had cancer throughout his body and brain.  He was already unable to do anything that he enjoyed or even knew what was going on.  After he had passed, he came back to me, and I felt the love, trust, peace, sweet kind, and forgiving of any slight.  It felt perfect, and it still does when I choose to talk to him.  It is sometimes difficult to feel the loss since seeing him can cause the loss to be lacking.


Never underestimate how Spirits, Souls, and Auras react, what they can do, why, when,

where, and who they were in life and death. When the Spirits, Souls, and Auras are still alive in

their bodies, and I feel the rage, hate, distrust, and unloved.  When they pass into the afterlife and

I feel their love, trust, and angelic peace equal to the most sensuous feeling you could ever have,

without mating of course.  Spirits, Souls, and Auras range the entire spectrum of light and dark.

Enraged in life can also mean being enraged in death.  Which at times you can help them to

release the rage, it, of course, does not always work.  A sense of warmth, love, peace, tranquility,

and acceptance was inspiring with Don.  The loss was lacking a bit since I could still feel and

sense him.  It gave me the world as long as I allowed myself to feel, accept their auras, love,

forgiveness of any slights, and his souls with their infinity of possibilities.  Spirits, Souls, Auras

feel sensuous, tranquil, warm, loving, forgiving, and accept an infinity of possibilities.  When in

the dark side of the spectrum, it is like being in the eye of the storm, with thunder and lighting.

Watching Puget Sound rage in on itself, is like looking into a fire ready to burn you alive.  This

depends on how they were released or held too tight against their wishes.  Do not just be afraid,

for there may be a way to give them peace, and would you not want it if it was you?  Spirits,

Souls, and Auras the entire spectrum of light and dark, they are around us all the time.




Fox, R. S., (2012), Tarot Deck of Heroes



Fey:  Supernatural, unreal, enchanted, whimsical, strange, and otherworldly.

Release/Releasing: To free from confinement, the bondage of life.  To free from restraints, set free.

Allow them release, freedom of the chains that bind.

VAMC:  Veteran Affairs Medical Center


Lise Dunham just completed a creative writing course at Ashford University.