Black inked shadows

Mask the “once girl”

A lilac flowered night,


two fairs clash.
Laughter hits my drum

Harmonizing, their

Tea cups spin


past the pirate boat, over there.
“Scared of kitchenware”,

muttered the blackening sky.

The wheel of fortune!
over the crowds, we run and fly.
Sheltered by a hat,

Tagged as one town

Weekend hot spring hideouts
lost and found?
Two young deer

Smoke cotton candy bliss

Hand-in-hand, glow


red, white, and blue.
At the highest peak

My angel flew

A year older, no longer
below our Ferris Wheel.






Bleeding through my suit of armor
Thousands locked away
By horse reigns, that charmer
This, for whom my heart
Burns like a blacksmiths’ steel flame
Shield the forging dart
Clutch like a vise
With alien, slender digits
In hell, mermaids bathe in ice
A vibrant cascade illuminates my skin
Free me from my chamber
Yellow beams reflecting in
Her lungs cry for salt
Cast away my ship
To battle.
In a past life,
sails chase her velvet fin.
“More” I beg. Needing the sun to fight
Restore wind to my world and sight.



Morgan Massey is a skilled writer and editor with experience expanding small, start-up companies in marketing, design, administrative, and creative development. As an adaptable team player and creative problem solver, she is a proud chameleon. Past experiences as a dance instructor, choreographer, backstage assistant, coordinator, manager, and performer established an organized work ethic and creative energy. With the pursuit to gain more skills in both writing and dance industries, Morgan looks forward to her entrepreneurial goals in the future.