Walking up a wall today,

It moves from east to west,

Now it moves so I must crawl,

It’s bringing me no peace.


Now it’s moving very far,

I hardly hold grip,

If I hold on any longer,

My back and legs will rip.


The rock is cold and wet,

It’s not easy holding on,

If I close my eyes to tight,

The decision will be gone.


If I stopped I could relax,

And find that I could sleep,

But my will is to stay on,

The fighting I must keep.


See moving back and forth,

Is nothing to concrete,

I’m imaging this,

It’s something incomplete.


Everyday I do this thing,

And do this so do you,

Decision is not an easy way,

It’s something we must do.


Confusion is a way in life,

As I can’t keep up too long,

Is east the way to go,

Or am I choosing wrong.


Yes, back and forth I move,

So that I can hardly think,

It’s moving quicker now,



Susan Cane is an Ashford student.